White kitchens have been all the rage the last few years, and for good reason. They are clean, fresh, bright, and have a timeless elegance like no other. Yet, some headlines indicate this trend may be passing. When investing in your new kitchen, you want to be sure it won’t go out of style with the change of the calendar, so we often get asked if white is here to stay.

White kitchen with matching cabinetry and countertops in a large kitchen with white flowers on a center island

As a local kitchen remodeling contractor, we’ve seen many kitchen trends come and go. To us, white kitchens will always be a classic, sophisticated choice for your home. White visually expands the space and creates a welcoming aesthetic, but how you modernize it as trends (and your needs) change is key.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common kitchen remodeling ideas and variations to the all-white kitchens of the past that that we think will keep them relevant and desirable for years to come.

Incorporate Natural Elements  

Many designers and homeowners are moving away from stark, cold whites, and incorporating more natural elements that ground the space and make it feel more inviting. With people spending more time at home during the pandemic, the shift has been toward making rooms less of a showpiece and more of a comfortable, inviting space to gather with family and friends.

The move toward warmer, even off-white hues creates a sophisticated elegance that we didn’t see with the pristine, super-sleek and modern whites. Combining shades of white, nude, taupe, green, and greige (gray-beige) softens the all-white monochromatic feel of the past.

Adding natural elements such as wood floors, beams, and countertops accented by textured elements such as rattan barstools or woven lighting can add an authentic feel to a kitchen. Some homeowners are even incorporating vintage elements into their islands or cabinetry to add a rustic, timeless feel. The addition of curved lines, arches, and organic shapes help to soften a space as well. These elements paired with a neutral, white color palette make the space feel welcome and comfortable.

Don’t be Afraid of Statement Pieces 

Keeping a mostly white palette but accenting it with statement pieces such as countertops, backsplashes, hoods, and even lighting can have a drastic impact. Get creative with these areas of your kitchen to add personality and dimension to your space. Consider quartz, marble, or even wood countertops to accent white cabinetry. Porcelain, cement, or glazed tile add a modern twist to an all-white kitchen and mixing slight variations of colors and textures create a more natural look. You can even consider using the same material for both the countertop and backsplash to make a huge statement that adds a classic and luxurious touch. 

Statement hoods, dramatic light fixtures, and updated hardware are other ways you can break up an all-white palette and add visual appeal to the space. Colored or paneled appliances allow you to seamlessly integrate them into the overall design, which is rising in popularity among homeowners.

Updating hardware can be a simple, yet impactful change – and you can have some fun with it! The rules against mixing metals no longer apply. Consider thoughtfully selecting different metals for hardware, faucets, appliances, and lighting to achieve a more natural look. From brushed nickel and unlacquered brass to copper and even gold – selecting hardware to pop against a white kitchen can really help to modernize the overall aesthetic of the space. 

Mix Dark with Light for Contrast  

We are all craving the connection to nature that we’ve turned to in the past few years and are seeing more people who want to incorporate that same feeling and palette into their homes. As whites trend toward warmer, more earthly shades, consider adding contrast by mixing cabinetry colors.

The most common way to do this is by incorporating a different cabinet color for the island, which is the centerpiece for your kitchen. Large, waterfall or darker-colored islands are all showing up in a big way to compliment a surrounding white canvas. We see this both with wood (which adds warmth and depth to a space) and bold statement colors (greens, blues, and even black) that create welcoming contrast.

Navy has been popular over the past few years, and it still is a top choice, but this year we are also seeing softer shades of blue emerge as well. These shades are lighter and work well with a neutral color palette without being bold or overbearing.

Varying shades of green that are muted, yet soothing are highly popular as well (such as olive, fern, and sage). These incorporate nicely with warmer whites, hardwood floors, and natural elements.

For those that don’t love the earth-tone color palette, we are seeing a trend toward black and white kitchens emerge, which will always remain a classic look. Modern twists to this look include adding black ranges, appliances, countertops, or even simply just hardware to reflect an elegant, yet dramatic focal point amidst a sea of white.

Regardless of what is trending any given year, what is most important is to use a color palette that you love and that fits in with the rest of your home. There are many ways to have a modern white kitchen and the classic elegance it brings to a home will never go out of style.

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