How does it all work?


Step 1: The Homework Phase:

This is arguably the most important phase. It's very important to evaluate the following:

Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Likes & Dislikes:

  • What are the negatives in your space?  What must go, what doesn't work, what is a hindrance, and makes daily life difficult?
  • What are the wants and needs as you re-design your space?
  • What is your wish list?
  • Make sure to prioritize these - what is most important; what is nice to have but not necessary, etc.

Porcelain Tile


  • Do you have a budget range for your project, or comfort zone, in mind?  Without a budget, it's almost impossible to design.
  • Our objective isn't to find your budget, then surpass it, but rather best suit value and vision to what's a realistic and comfortable investment range for you.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Vision & Inspiration:

  • Moving forward, what is the overall look, main objective, or main color scheme or style that will be pleasing to you and appropriate for the home?
  • Have you seen a project you like?
  • Have you explored our website, Houzz page, Pinterest, or social media pages and found any images or articles you like?
  • Have you scrolled through magazines for ideas?
  • Even if you have a tough time trying to describe what you like, bring in pictures!  They are a huge help.

Project Scheduling:

  • Call or email us and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our designers!
  • Have an idea of the time or year that you would like your project completed by?

Step 2: Coming Into the Showroom:

The second step of the design process is to invite you into our showroom, even if you have been in before, and meet with one of our designers. This meeting is aimed at assessing the scope of work within your project, educating you on our services and products we offer and determining a working relationship. We will discuss the likes, dislikes, budget, vision, and your inspirations. By having this meeting in our showroom, it is easy to refer to pictures from a completed project of ours and our displays. These often help you see how things work or come together; having that knowledge and reference gives us a better understanding of how it may work in your new design.

Step 3: Design Retainer:

At this stage in the process we ask for a design retainer. There are two main advantages to you in paying the design retainer; not only design concepts and budgets generated but you are also hiring an expert experienced design professional that will spend the time needed to provide you with a successful design process.

True Kitchen & Bath Design & Development

Step 4: Visiting Your Home:

  • At this stage in the process, we visit your home and meet with you.
  • We will discuss the likes and dislikes of your current kitchen in person and in the space.
  • We listen to your vision and how it works with the rest of the home.
  • We will investigate construction challenges such as mechanicals, load-bearing walls, current electrical service, how level and plumb the walls are, etc....
  • We photograph and take detailed measurements of the space.
Material Selecting & Sampling

Step 5: Design Concepts & Budgets:

  • We will return to the office and lay out your space in our CAD-based design programs.
  • We will redesign the space to suit your wants and needs, and operate successfully and comfortably as a kitchen.
  • We will create a budget sheet with allowance numbers of what your project could cost predicated on products we've discussed and your overall parameters and scope of the project.
  • After the design and budget sheet are complete, we invite you back in.

Step 6: Coming Back In:

  • Today is fun, we have you back into the showroom and walk you through the design(s).
  • We walk you through our thought process step by step in how the kitchen is meant to function best, and how it will look the best aesthetically.
  • We will discuss any construction and remodeling hurdles that we will need to address or are unknown and may need further investigating.
  • We will show you materials that we had in mind that are congruent with your vision and inspiration, and educate you on the products available.
  • We will walk you through the budget sheet and show you the costs of the project.
  • We will discuss the timing of the design process and how your project is anticipated to fit with our schedule, and also how long we anticipate it will take for your project to be completed.

Step 7: Finalizing The Design:

  • We invite you back into the showroom and lay out all your selected products and materials and revisit the design and any modifications made in the design process.
  • We will conduct any further evaluations of the home if necessary.
  • Continue the design process and bring it to completion.
  • Update the floor plan as necessary, and produce elevations and/or perspectives of your space, and any detail drawings as necessary.
  • We will select all products with you that coincide with your budgets and project aesthetic.
  • We will price your project in full, materials including labor.
  • We invite you back into the showroom and lay out all your selected products and materials and revisit the design and any modifications made in the design process.
  • We will walk you through the contract and total project cost.
  • We provide an anticipated starting timeframe.