Thank you for your interest in Concept II. Below are a listing of some of our more commonly asked questions. Please select a category below to find related questions. If you have a question that you don't see here, please call us at 585-248-3510 or contact us via email.

General FAQs


Over 45 years! Concept II is a family-owned business with a team of passionate, dedicated professionals.

We specialize in kitchen & bath design, remodeling, installation. We also specialize in tile design and are well known for having the best, most innovative designs and products available.

Yes, we are happy to work with you and your builder or contractor to both design and supply your cabinetry and products for a remodel or new home project.

Yes, we are fully insured. We carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

We ask for a design retainer when working on your project. There are two main advantages to you in paying the design fee; not only are sets of plans generated but you are also hiring an expert design professional that will spend the time needed to provide you with a successful design process.

We accept cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders. Credit card payments are limited to $500.00.

Simply because we sell kitchens not cabinets. We do things that are different. It’s not ordinary; it’s all about the extraordinary. Concept II is a true design studio; we are outfitted with designers who understand the personalized and custom process for design from start to finish, carrying conception through completion. We work with, design and display a large selection of cabinetry displays, countertops and tile. By having all these products and resources available to you it makes the selection process and decision making process seamless and smooth. We welcome you to visit our showroom and compare it to others.

Agreed! Our designers are with you every step of the way, for as much or as little help as you need. We‘ve found that there is a methodical formula to making selections; each choice makes the next one easier. It doesn’t have to be stressful, many of our clients reflect back on the process as fun when it’s completed.

Yes, Concept II employs a full staff of craftsmen, carpenters and installers that work directly for the company. Having our own employees means a smoother remodeling process for you!

Occasionally a project will require us to use subcontractors, any subcontractors that are used work directly under the supervision of Concept II and work to the same standards.

Yes, we are fortunate to have relationships with some of the most progressive companies interested in green building products and sustainability. In most cases, these companies include all of their environmental accolades, triumphs & certifications on a dedicated page of their websites.

Yes! You can view our portfolio of completed work on our website Portfolio page or on the Concept II Houzz page.

Absolutely! We are proud that a large portion of our business is from repeat and referred clients. We will be happy to provide you with names and references of past customers.

We are extremely competitive as far as pricing and lead time. Because every project is different we encourage you to give us a call to schedule a consultation with a designer who can walk you through the individual cost factors of your project.


Kitchen & Bath FAQs


Absolutely, as designers, we extend our abilities and creativity past the kitchen and bath and into living areas, home offices, closets, dressing suites, fireplaces, and more!

A variety of factors determine the price of a kitchen remodel including the size of your kitchen, the type of cabinets you want, the type of fixtures you chose, along with your countertop, lighting & flooring. Concept II is happy to provide a variety of products designed to fit into different budgets. Typically, the kitchen remodeling jobs we work range from $50,000 – $150,000.

A variety of factors determine the price of a bathroom remodel including the size of your bathroom, the type of cabinets you want, the type of fixtures you chose, along with your countertop, lighting & tile selections. Concept II is happy to provide a variety of products designed to fit into different budgets. Typically, the bathroom remodeling jobs we work on range from $20,000 – $75,000.

A small job will take less time to complete; larger or more complex jobs take more time. There are generally three phases to the complete project. Phase One is The Design Phase. Clients will take from several weeks to several months to make final decisions on the style and the finish of their cabinetry. In addition to the cabinet choices, decisions on countertops, appliances, back splashes, and flooring also need to be made. Once those decisions have been made, we can order the cabinets and phase two begins. Phase Two: Cabinet Lead Time. Lead time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but typically takes approximately 6-10 weeks to be delivered. Phase Three: Job Completion Stage. From the start of the demolition, through renovation, to a fully working kitchen is typically 6-8 weeks. Times will vary based on the complexity of the job, and your designer will be able to give you a more specific time frame based on your job requirements.

Concept II, Inc. will guarantee all labor in its contract with the homeowner to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of one (1) year. The warranty begins on the date of the job completion. The warranty will not extend past the one-year period.

This warranty is strictly limited to the labor portion of the contract with Concept II, Inc. and it is non-transferable. View the Concept II Remodeling Warranty Statement.

We work with allied professionals all the time. Usually an architect defines the general space particularly if an extension or addition is involved. Interior designers help select colors and style but don’t generally do the actual layout or drafting. We do the detailing, layout and specific planning of the space as well as select colors and styles.

Yes, we feature premium brands in appliances such as Subzero, Wolf, Asko, Viking, Miele, Thermador and more. Being certified installers of Subzero, Wolf and Asko appliances we offer every customer an additional 1-year full warranty over and over the standard appliance warranty.


Tile FAQs


Included in the purchase of tile, we will take on the task of communicating the design either through a drawing or clearly written instructions. From there, it is the sole responsibility of the contractor or installer to measure the space and determine the quantities needed.

We do not install tile. Once tile is selected we can provide the names of our favorite installers and ones we feel would be best to work with your specific selections.

All of our manufacturers and distributors disclose to us the recommendations and limitations of their products. When shopping for tile, please be prepared to provide full disclosure on the conditions of the area to be tiled. For example, make sure to let your tile consultant know if the area is outdoors or subject to freezing, and we can steer you toward the products that will be best suitable for this area.

The most important difference is that a natural stone will need to be sealed and requires a little more TLC in care & maintenance. Stone is also likely to cost 2 or 3 times as much as a porcelain that looks similar. While the porcelain manufacturers have come a long way in authentic imaging on tile, for some consumers, there is still a beauty in natural stone that has not been replicated.

We are happy to provide a care and maintenance sheet with every purchase; download a copy here.

If it’s new construction or a blank slate, you start with the finishes that have fewer choices such as cabinet colors/stains. Once this is selected the next step would be to select a countertop. For a more in depth answer, you can read our blog on this subject; Making Tile Selection Stress Free.

If the tile is going to have to relate to some existing finishes, for example, rugs, paint colors, art, furniture, it is very helpful to have pictures, or samples of those when shopping for tile.

Standard size porcelain tile can generally range from $4.00 – $15.00 per square foot. Standard size natural stone can generally range from $6.00 square foot to $30.00 per square foot. Mosaic, or any small tiles mounted in sheets start at $15.00 per square foot (for commercial ceramic) to $150.00 per square foot (for waterjet cut marble). A good rule of thumb is the more special it looks, the more it will cost per square foot. When setting a budget, it is imperative to know the number of square feet that need to be tiled.

Unfortunately, as all of our tile is special order, brought in specifically for your project, we are unable to take returns. This is why we stress the importance of getting the quantities needed directly from the installer.