Like fashion, the world of interior design maintains its classics, but is always progressing, often in the form of trends. Concept II kitchen and bath designer, Derek Pino is frequently confronted with the question "what's the latest in kitchen design"?

Grey Is The New White

White paint has always been, and will always be recognized as an elegant and timeless finish in interior design, especially for kitchens and baths. Within the past six years we have seen a more predominate presence in grey-based colors in kitchen design.  Though many would like to chalk it up to America's fascination with the widely recognized book and film 50 Shades of Gray, we feel it is for a different reason. Like white, grey has always been a great "canvas" color. It has its own value, but what is special is how it highlights and uplifts the complimentary textures and finishes. Additionally, similar to fashion, grey has been recognized as a classy and chic medium. In the early stages, we found it in tile; as time progressed we found it in more countertops, and recently in kitchen cabinetry. For years kitchen designers only had fun with grey in backsplash and mosaic tile materials, but the cabinetry world has stepped its game up, not only with numerous paint grade options, but how it is stained and into many wood species, and even cerused. Having grey in your kitchen design color scheme gives your direction some freedom and ambiguity, as grey can serve both warm and cool palettes, and provide a great balance.

Gray Wood Mode Cabinets   Photo courtesy Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Maximizing Kitchen Storage

Maximizing storage in the kitchen has always been toward the top of any client's list and likely will continue to be. What is changing is their options in how they can achieve that and tailor it to their lifestyle. Custom kitchen cabinetry has always had the latitude of custom wood based modifications and inserts, but the European mechanisms have made a huge impact in the American marketplace. Typically in Europe, spaces are smaller and a premium, which gives way to the need to maximize what you have. Many clever kitchen storage mechanisms today appear flashy, but more importantly make it easier to access space which was once lost in tough to reach areas, or even make the ones right in front of us easier to use. As time progresses these ergonomic and space efficient mechanisms will change our perspectives and boundaries on kitchen and bath design.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Trends   Photos courtesy Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

Going Commercial Grade

As each year passes, food is becoming more a part of the American culture as America's fascination with food and cooking continues to grow. With that, we are finding a change in entertaining, and like years ago, the kitchen has become the living room for many people and families.  Having commercial grade appliances is often a statement piece, as is a good visual anchor for the space providing some drama and balance. To many, it's a status symbol, but arguably many more are turning to them for their cooking abilities. High end appliances today typically boast more BTU's in their burners, simmer options, and several different convection modes. Think of it as an artist having more tools at their fingertips, each with a different purpose. Commercial grade appliances for the home are also made of higher end raw materials and fabricated to withstand more intensive cooking for a longer lifetime, which is better suited for a more frequent entertaining lifestyle.

High End Appliances   Photo courtesy Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances

Going More Modern

It's inevitable, the larger movements in the world's cultures today all boil down to seeing more simplistic lines, ultimately providing a more progressive modern kitchen design look. Many people mistake modern and contemporary; contemporary is a style, modern is a period of time.  For many today, modern has an instant connotation with being contemporary, and to a certain extent that is correct.  Look at larger brands, car companies, clothing companies, even Apple, everything is sleek and more minimal. In the kitchen and bath world, you'll hear more requests for a "transitional" style. This, more than anything else, tells us that we are moving away from the ornamental and traditional kitchen styling into something "updated and fresh." Though there will always be a demand for a traditional kitchen design, the scales have tipped to more of the clean lines and materials that we are finding more prevalent in contemporary kitchen designs.

Modern Kitchen Design   Photo courtesy Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry

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