Maybe it's because I'm going to the beach tomorrow, or maybe it's because we just picked up a great new stone tile dealer, but I've got pebbles on my mind.

Blue Pebble Tile Mosaic Stone Tile Backsplash

Is the pebble stone tile look for everyone? No, it definitely is not.

But if you're looking for a casual, comfortable, natural bathroom design, pebble tile might work for you. Often it is chosen for beach and lake houses, or if the customer is trying to create an organic "bring the outside in" space.

Many times pebble tile is chosen for the "Kids Bath" because of its whimsy and textural interest.

Pebble tile can be therapeutic. A hot stone massage could run you $100 per session! Yoga instructors actually recommend using stones for overall foot health. The undulation of the pebbles stretch the muscles and ligaments in the foot, and re-create the natural landscape that humans were meant to walk on. Early in the popularity of pebble tile, a common complaint from people was that it aggravated certain chronic issues like plantar fasciitis. This can be avoided by selecting a flat pebble tile instead of a rounded one, and the availability of this has increased greatly in last few years.

Flat Pebble Tile Flooring:

Flat Pebble Tile Foor

Mechanically speaking, a shower floor has to be tiled with small tiles. This is to help the water pitch toward center drains, and to provide lots of grout for toes to hang on to. Pebble tile is among the most cost effective mosaics, and the variety of colors grows every time I turn around. There is neutral pebble tile (grey, beige, white, taupe), classic beachy colors (aqua, blue and green), and maybe unexpectedly burgundy, reds, black, pinks, peach, golds.

I've heard it said...

"Mother Nature Has The Best Box of Crayons"

"Mother Nature Has the Best Box of Crayons"

You can do a lot with pebble tile...

Pebble Shower Tile

Or just a little....

Spa-Like Bathroom Design

I wanted to write on the subject of pebble tile because as I mentioned in the beginning, it's not a new idea. We have been specifying pebble tiles in baths for many years. Lately, some in the field of bathroom design and tile are inclined to ask "is this selection going to date us? Or is this look going out of style?"

I think the answer is no. If your overall goal is natural simplicity, earthy comfort, or spa-like bathroom serenity, pebble stone tile is going to get you one step closer to that.

Shower with Stone Tile