Ahh.... the suburban American mud room, often it's a casual (usually secondary) entryway to the house. It is typically intended as an area to remove and keep footwear and other outerwear.  As well as providing storage space through the use of well-designed cabinets, a mud room serves to increase the cleanliness of a house.

This is an area of interior design that we see getting a lot of attention lately, especially here in Rochester, NY, and for good reason! The ability to organize the personal items of multiple people in close proximity to the exit can mean less forgotten items and happier days for parents and children alike.

mud room and laundry room design mudroom and laundry room combine


Often you find a mud room combined with a laundry room for ultimate utility.

Mud room cabinets can be a little....

mud room cabinets

Or a lot...

custom designed mud room cabinets

In this room design, you'll want a maintenance free flooring, something that looks the same when it's clean or dirty. A porcelain tile that is medium to dark, or slate tile with a lot of variation or pattern are great choices. You won't regret choosing a dark tile and a dark grout for this area.

where to put a mud room - home designIf you think you don't have the room in your house for one, think again...

You could steal from a closet.

designing a mud room Or from the garage...

garage mud room Just don't forget your furry friends....


mudroom with dog shower mud rom with dog shower

Dog showers in this area are a great way to keep dirt and allergens from tracking through your home.

Whether it's lockers, shelves, hooks, baskets, buckets, boxes and benches, there are so many ways to optimize the mud room design.

For more great examples of mud room design and storage, visit the Concept II "Muddie" Pinterest page.