Kitchen Renovation

Concept II is not an ordinary kitchen and bath design and remodel service. A boutique design firm located in Rochester, NY that began over 40 years ago, we've evolved into a specialty home design and remodeling studio that is focused on our clients' wishes and needs.

What sets us apart from the competition is our appreciation of fine craftsmanship, the use of superior quality products, and the love of good design. With our history in custom cabinetry work and kitchen and bath design, we have the unique advantage of years of experience coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the most recent innovations in design.

Design Based on Form and Function

It's not just about following the latest trend. We work with our clients to understand their design preferences as well as their functional needs. We believe a space can and should function well while looking remarkable. Our designs enhance living spaces, making everyday function effortless and inspiring through design.

Design is Only the Beginning

Yes, we are designers -- kitchen designers, bathroom designers, and often times more -- but design is only one piece of what we do. From our first meeting to initial design concepts, to material selection, and installation and finishing, we work with you through the entire renovation process. Our installers are part of our team, taking the worry out of who is going to do the install work which is as important, if not more important than the design itself. We work together to ensure the original vision is carried out successfully and becomes even better.

Every Step of the Way

Our process involves working with our clients every step of the way. All components of the project are completed with client involvement and input. Our clients come to us with a vision, and we make that vision a reality. Whether you have specific ideas in mind or are looking for inspiration and recommendations, we will use our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and expertise to make the entire process from initial discussions through to completion an enjoyable one.

Stay Tuned

In this blog we will be sharing with you tips for when going through a kitchen or bath remodel and even other areas of the home, trends in the industry, ideas for designs, and much more. We will explore home design projects we've completed, not just here in Rochester, but in other locations as well, giving you a glimpse of what others are doing with their design throughout the country. By sharing this, our goal is provide practical advice, good ideas, and inspiration for remodeling your home.