I chose these three bathroom vanity images for the title banner because the first thing I want to do is dispel the myth that wall-hung or floating bathroom vanities are exclusively contemporary. Wildly different in feel, the above bathrooms are all benefiting from the use of wall-mounted bathroom vanities.

I can think of so many reasons to consider this type of bathroom vanity, let me count the ways.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanities

Cleaning. One swipe with a Swiffer and you're done. No awkward vanity legs or corners. Dust bunnies be gone.

Floating Bathroom Vanity with Closed Storage(closed storage) Floating Vanity with Open Storage(open storage)

Custom counter height.  Typical bathroom vanities are 34"-36" with not a lot of variance.  With wall-mounted vanities you have more flexibility with height and control of where the top will finish. In addition, you can design the vanity for how much storage you need and whether it's open or closed.

Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity Modern Floating Vanity

Levity.  This is bathroom storage and organization that does not take up floor place.  The feeling of more floor space inherently makes a small space feel bigger.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Rochester, NY Floating Vanity Rochester, NY

I have to interrupt my list to share a few floating bathroom vanities from right here in Rochester, NY...

Floating Bathroom Vanity in Rochester, NY Bathroom Remodel

One more of our beauties...

Bathroom Remodel with Floating Vanity, Rochester, NY Ok, back to the list...

Lighting. Another opportunity to add a layer of light? Yes, please!


floating-vanity-lighting floating-vanity-lighting-2

Aesthetic. In any bath design, the vanity defines the tone. In other words, this choice, more than any other component, determines the theme. Rustic, Minimalist, Vintage, Retro, Industrial, Glamorous, Zen... all accomplished while providing a place to keep your stuff.

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