Be still my heart.

When this brass hardware re-awakening started showing up on the pages of my favorite design magazines I think I cried a little.


We needed this!  I know I speak for designers everywhere when I say that everything had gotten a little (read: a lot) cold.  All at once the beige, beige world went white, and grey, and stainless... even our warm wood tones got white-washed!  And I'm not saying we minded (at first).  But enough is enough!  We're freezing over here...


All joking aside, I love white, and cararra, and calcutta, and driftwood for interiors, but we have to have balance, and there's a million ways to add warmth to our new cool interiors.  Enter: brass, French gold, rose gold, antique gold, copper...


They always say, hold on to that article of clothing (espidrilles, stirr-up pants, choker necklace, harem pant, jumpsuit, romper, etc) because someday it's going to come back.  You'll wish you held on to it.  Well I can tell you that for sure, some conservative Rochestarians held on to that brass hardware.  Call it lucky, or maybe lazy, but some 80's bathroom designs just got chic again.

Well, kind of chic.  Because the trick of the new brass revolution is the pairing.  It has the most power when it's the lone warm element.  Popping off whites, greys, & black, you get your money's worth, & a little goes a long way.


Brass Bathroom Hardware Brass Bath Hardware
Brass Kitchen Hardware Brass Bathroom Hardware

Or you could just go for it... thump-thump, thump-thump...

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