Black is back!

And, we think it's here to stay. Whether it's as small as black accents, tile, pulls or hardware, or as large as black cabinetry, black kitchens are classy and dramatic. Black stainless and shining black appliances are trending this year. Black is always "in" - black is the new black.

Traditional Black Kitchens

With black kitchens growing in popularity, we love some of these traditional kitchens with black cabinetry. When people think of a black kitchen, they often think of a sleek modern minimalist kitchen, but black kitchens can easily be traditional. Black is arguably one of the most traditional colors - it goes with everything, after all.

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Mixed Color Cabinetry

If you're not ready for a completely black kitchen, mixed color cabinetry is a great way to incorporate black into your kitchen, creating contrast without diving all the way in.

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Contrast Creates Space

Contrasting kitchen islands are very popular, which is why we love black kitchen islands. Not only is black bold and dramatic, it also helps make your kitchen look bigger. Black disappears when you look at it, creating distance, while white comes forward. A black kitchen island can create the illusion of greater space.

alt textWhen you're creating your inviting, warm kitchen, you might think black will be too harsh, but it can be oh-so cozy. In the way a white kitchen is fresh, a black kitchen is warm. After all, "there's something about black. You feel hidden away in it" - Georgia O'Keefe