This kitchen design was a complete transformation from mono-chromatic to elegant and approachable. The soffit in the center of the ceiling coupled with the elongated island created a shoe-box shape to the room. Removing the soffit and enlarging the island (without making it too big) helped clean up the sense of space.alt textalt textThe perimeter cabinetry in Wood Mode's Brookhaven painted vintage nordic white with a matte ebony painted island created visual contrast and an elevated design. The island side were extended so that the stools can tuck completely underneath making it easy to tidy up.alt textMoving the stove opened up the corner of the room. Now, the kitchen feels like it is a whole room, not just one corner of the room.alt textalt textThe beige perimeter cabinet color is warmed up with a vintage finish. The island color is stark in contrast, but is warmed up with the red oak wood grain coming through. This kitchen is a softer, more approachable, "white" kitchen.alt textalt textalt textGone is the old-style kitchen desk and in it's place is a custom furniture piece. This area frees up space for breakfast, coffee and desserts.alt textalt textalt textA well-designed space is more than just cabinetry, or even custom cabinetry. It is a kitchen - a place to spend time with family, enjoy each other's company and make memories. And that is what we do at Concept II - we design kitchens.

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