2018 is the year of Ultra Violet, according to the Pantone Color Institute. We are half way through the year, but we continue to see kitchen and bath trends changing. More people are looking to make a statement with bold kitchen and bathroom color choices. The colors we choose for our homes reflect our personalities, desires and lifestyles.

Pantone Color Institute describes Ultra Violet as "a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade." Ultra Violet is all about imagination, mediation and spiritual growth. In honor of the color-of-the-year, we've created color boards to incorporate Ultra Violet. While we haven't installed violet cabinetry (yet), we do stock a wide variety of colorful tile. Here in our showroom we found gorgeous tile from Ocean Side that comes pretty close to Ultra Violet.alt textalt textalt textAt Concept II, we are seeing the trends shift with people choosing bright and bold color palettes for their kitchen and bathroom designs. While white kitchens are still "in," more of our clients are choosing colors that make a statement. Take a look at this recently completed Concept II kitchen with sleek, glossy, pack-a-punch pink cabinetry.alt textBright colors like Ultra Violet might not be everyone's "jam," but if you're feeling adventurous, bold colors could be your accent color, wall color or fabric color. What statement will your color choices make?


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