The Galley

Inspired by a desire to find real solutions to every day problems, The Galley was invented by an award-winning kitchen designer in Tulsa, OK whose vision was to create a better way to work within the kitchen. Today, The Galley offers an expansive line of super-functional, smart, and stylish products to prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and wash—all from one central location.

The flagship product was born as a solution for everyone; no matter how much (or little) you cook. The company’s portfolio of products has since expanded to include complementary components to better serve homeowners needs, while remaining highly functional and stunningly beautiful.

Learn more below about what makes The Galley line of products unique or meet with a Concept II designer to start reinventing your kitchen today.

Life in the Kitchen Has Never Been This Good

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Family Hamburger Night Outdoors at an IWS 5S


Steak Night at an IWS 5S, IWS 7S, and IWA 3S


Entertaining with Friends at an IWS 4S

The Ideal Kitchen Workstation

The Galley has created a whole new category of kitchen appliance. The Ideal Kitchen Workstation is the ultimate culinary system where you can chop, strain and mix easily and ergonomically to prepare your meals effortlessly and efficiently. The Workstation is made up of a double tier sink basin, with each tier featuring countless accessories, including cutting boards, platforms, bowls, colanders and more. Each of these pieces all work together within the system, sliding back and forth as you need them. It has all of the tools necessary to do the prep work, serve, entertain and clean up - all from right within that system.

The Galley Tap

The Galley Tap is the first and only kitchen faucet thoughtfully designed, engineered and manufactured to function perfectly with a specific line of kitchen sinks and workstations. Simply put, it completes The Galley Workstation. Each part of the faucet is made from solid stainless steel to ensure a perfect fit that is long-lasting. With your Galley Tap, you can easily fill pots on the Workstation or directly on an adjacent cooktop. Use the ergonomic Slide Switch and effortlessly toggle to the powerful Jet Spray mode and efficiently clean fruits and vegetables and wash culinary tools, cookware and dishes. The Tap offers ideal performance with the Workstation, serving as the perfect partner.

The Galley Dresser

The Galley Dresser represents the ultimate in beauty and efficiency in the kitchen. It takes The Galley Workstation experience to a level that has only been imagined. The Galley Dresser serves as a beautiful and highly functional piece of kitchen furniture, placing everything right at your fingertips. Every single compartment is thoughtful and useful. The functionality of the interior adds to the beauty and impressiveness of what The Dresser is. The ebonized Walnut interior storage system is made exclusively to house the Galley Culinary Tools, utensils, knives, spices, and oils. With a curated selection of 13 luxurious high gloss painted and exotic wood finishes and 9 stunning hardware & trim finishes, The Dresser is available in 117 bespoke combinations. Whichever combination you choose, each Dresser is made to order by the finest craftsmen and artisans in the USA.

Other Galley Products

The Galley offers an expansive line of super-functional, smart, and stylish Ideal Workstations, WashStations™, Work&WashStations™, BarStations®, and Custom Workstations where one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and wash in one central location. All of The Galley products are highly engineered and hand-crafted in the USA, with an unbridled commitment to the highest standards of quality and service, The Galley is now leading the kitchen industry in innovation, function, and just pure fun. Check back often to see more about what new products this innovative company is bringing to the market!

Words from Our Clients

"We couldn't be happier, and I can't say enough about working with them. Everyone in their organization is professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were on budget and finished the project before their original timeline projections. I always felt like their employees respected my time, my money, and my property.”

- TJ & Molly Shepard